tube bending machine / automatic / precision



  • Product handled:

    for tubes

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, precision


Automatic pipe bending machine for the continuous belling and bending of PVC, PP, HDPE, and ABS pipes.

Advantages and key features

Absolute precision and repeatability of the process: bending management with proportional valves and linear encoder.
Specific multi-bending and multi-belling system: can make bends with variable angle from 0° to 90°; each end of the pipe can be formed with solvent cement or O-ring socket (optional).
Ability to process pipes in: simple bends, bend with single socket end, bends with double socket, straight but socketed pipes (simple belling or double belling).
Easy process management and control: each setting can be adjusted from the control display, without interruption and with complete safety.
Rapid set-up and format change: main settings are computerized.
Optional systems for pipes storage: if required, the machine can be equipped with a storage feeder for cutting the stored pieces into the desired length (thanks to specific integrated cutting tool), which are automatically fed to the bending machine.