filter dust collector / self-cleaning / vacuum / stand-alone



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  • Other characteristics:

    self-cleaning, vacuum, stand-alone


The Sica Dust Jet and Dust Jet/C systems are Autonomous vacuuming systems with self-cleaning filters. Depending on the model, they can serve a single machine (Dust Jet/C) or several machines on different extrusion lines (Dust Jet).

Advantages and key features:

Self-cleaning internal filters with compressed air and differential manometer via the PLC (Dust Jet and Dust Jet/C).
Automatic monitoring of filter status (Dust Jet and Dust Jet/C).
Non-stop discharge of cutting scrap which prevents overflow or clogging.
New large dust and chips collecting bags placed on top of easily movable and replaceable carts.
Amplification of the power of the vacuuming system inside the saws.