sputtering deposition machine / vacuum / for mirrors / for glass coatings



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    for mirrors, for glass coatings


The magnetron sputtering coating machine applications:
Aluminum sputtering mirror
Titanium mirror
Chrome mirror
Automobile mirror

Size: 72’ X 96’, 84’ X 120’, 600 X 800 mm, 1830 X 2440 mm, 2540 X 3660 mm
Coated with aluminum, titanium, chrome, stainless steel or other metals.
Home mirror & colorful mirror

The traditional mirror coating process are the alumiminum evaporation and silvering. By chamber vacuum evaporation machine, we can get an economy home mirror but the reflectivity rate of the mirror can get only 75% to 80%. And by silvering mirror the reflectivity could be increased up to 85% but this process has waste to environment, so it has been stopped by many counties . However, both coating process need a reliable back painting to protect the coating film otherwise the coating will shows the "black point" and separate from glass in some times.

The silvering mirror has a perfect reflectivity but the coating process is very pollution. Therefore, the factories has been stopped by many counties and this kind of process will be forbidden in the nearly future. The aluminium evaporation provide the economy solution however its film cannot stick on the glass very firmly. As well, the back painting contents some lead which is not conformity with none-lead material instructions.