type 4 safety light curtain / multibeam / through-beam / rugged
M4000 series

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type 4 safety light curtain type 4 safety light curtain - M4000 series


  • Function:

    type 4 safety

  • Type of beam:


  • Configuration:


  • Protection level:

    rugged, IP65

  • Other characteristics:


  • Operating range:

    Min.: 300 mm (11.8 in)

    Max.: 1,800 mm (70.9 in)


Sick M4000 is an advanced multiple light beam safety device. It has a flexible system for exit monitoring and 2 muting sensors in hazardous zones.

The device offers superior diagnostic capabilities, which increase speed of troubleshooting and minimizes downtime. It also features a data recorder and a history of muting errors.

M4000 has 2-, 3-, or 4-beam systems. Wiring costs are reduced with the 2- or 4-beam A/P or active/passive systems. Combined with the UE403 switching amplifier, it provides advanced muting capabilities.

M4000 has an on-site connection feature of muting signals for 2- and 4-sensor muting. This leads to significant savings in wiring expenses and also reduces effort in commission and maintenance.

M4000 Advanced Curtain provides lesser safety distance with 14 or 30 mm physical resolutions.

M4000 has a 360 visible LED and the UE403 switching amplifier has a configuration memory. These two features significantly minimize downtime.

M4000 has several additional features such as EDM or monitoring of external device, RES or restart interlock, ADO or application diagnostic output and SDL interface. It has an aid for alignment of laser and an optional built-in LED.