gripping palletizer / high level infeed / low level infeed / plastic crates
Pal Kombi-Gripping



  • Type:

    high level infeed, low level infeed

  • Product applications:

    plastic crates

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, medium-speed, gripping, online, low-speed


- Proven technology
- Product flexibility
- Many possible configurations (different types of infeed: single or double lane, high level)

The PalKombi Gripping palletizer for plastic crates boasts numerous assets, including versatility, efficiency, simplicity of operation, and full safety.

Its versatility is remarkable: it is suitable for low/medium speed applications and for both low-level and high-level palletization, and caters for half and full-depth crates. It can handle all pallet standards up to 1,250 mm. it offers great layout flexibility with an in-line / 90° outfeed configuration. Quick adjustment is also guaranteed for frequent changeovers (patterns and pallet sizes).

In terms of efficiency, the PalKombi Gripping palletizer for plastic crates offers improved ergonomics and safety:
- Simple supervision operations.
- All operations and mains parts accessible at floor level.
- Intuitive and user-friendly operator interface.
- Compact machine and adaptable layout.
- Sturdy and reliable technology.
- Depalletization/Palletization aisle available to optimize space and cycles.