safety display / LED / bar graph / dot-matrix
XC690 series



  • Type:

    LED, alphanumeric, numeric, dot-matrix, bar graph

  • Features:

    giant, large-format, 1-line, 10-digit, 2-line, 3-line, 7-segment, 4-digit, 5-digit, 1-digit, 8-digit, 9-digit, 6-digit, 24-digit, 16-digit, 3-digit, 7-digit, 3.5-digit, 2-digit, 12-digit

  • Other characteristics:

    electronic, programmable, outdoor, indoor, external, IP65, IP54, rugged

  • Applications:

    industrial, information, remote, safety, for accident prevention


The big ones

Besides the visualization of yield data the XC690 series offers to illustrate individual information and texts. Whether marquee, blinking, two-lined with a character height of 50 mm or single-lined with a character height of 100 resp. 120 mm any desired text can be illustrated in different formatting.

Individual graphic designs

All graphic designs are realized individually on customers demand. It’s also possible to integrate your graphics, logos of the company or a photo. For this our own designs studio is your competent partner.