decanter for the food industry / centrifugal / ajustable tilt / containerized
TS/DZ Series



  • Applications:

    for the food industry

  • Type:


  • Orientation:

    ajustable tilt

  • Other characteristics:



Individual, functional and versatile
The SIEBTECHNIK decanter centrifuge is a continuously operating solid-bowl worm centrifuge in tunnel or pedestal bearing design. Our decanters are individual, functional and versatile. They offer highly efficient separation of even the finest solid materials together with nearly complete clarification of the liquid phase.

The wish to further and further reduce the pollutant levels in waste water for the lasting protection of our environment (ZLD – zero liquid discharge) and demand by industry for production shops to be as efficient as possible make the decanter one of the most frequently used machines.
Whether it’s highest or the lowest throughputs, lowest or highest temperatures, gas-tight design, chemical resistance or explosion protection – we offer a solution.

Operational reliability under all operating conditions through, amongst other things, oil-circuit lubrication for all bearings, including gear unit and worm bearings has priority on SIEBTECHNIK decanter centrifuges.
Low maintenance costs as well as individual adaptation and design variants make our decanter centrifuges a unique separating apparatus for nearly all technical separating processes. These include pure separating processes (clarification and solids dewatering), thickening (compacting) and classification both in the open and gastight process.