AC voltage regulator / for transformers / medium-voltage

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AC voltage regulator AC voltage regulator


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  • Applications:

    for transformers

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  • Power in kVA:

    Max.: 4,000 kVA (5,438.48 hp)

    Min.: 31.8 kVA (43.24 hp)


Voltage regulators reduce energy loss from long cables and extended grids. They are used for integrating renewables into the grid. Voltage regulators are predominantly used in grids which comply with IEEE standards.

• Cost-saving alternative to grid expansion
• Easily integrated into existing grid structure
• Easy installation
• Extensive regulating range
• Flexible regulation models for optimum operation

Siemens invented the voltage regulator in 1932. These tapped autotransformers maintain a desired voltage level, which means that their reliability is of primordial matter. Voltage regulators are a highly reliable solution for stabilizing voltage fluctuation in the customer’s grid. They are a notably more cost-efficient for customers than a medium-voltage grid expansion.

Voltage regulators and come in 1-phase or 3-phase models. Different cooling systems are available. They can be applied to any electrical system to improve voltage quality.

The standard voltage regulator provides approximately 10% adjustment. However, in some designs, regulations of 15% and 20% are also available.

Available at 50 or 60 Hz, their ratings are calculated according to the voltage level of the transformer they are connected to (i.e., 10%).

Voltage level ratings for 1-phase voltage regulators vary between 2.5kV and 19.9 kV and between 31.8kVA and 889kVA. 3-phase units are available at 13.2kV, 34.5kV, or from 500kVA up to 4,000kVA.