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single-phase voltage regulator single-phase voltage regulator - SFR


  • Options:

    single-phase, three-phase

  • Applications:

    for overhead lines

  • Other characteristic:


  • Power in kVA:

    Min.: 300 kVA (407.89 hp)

    Max.: 4,000 kVA (5,438.48 hp)


5.0-34.5 kV
Rated short-time withstand current 25 times rated current
Rated continuous current 218-2,000 A
Lightning impulse (BIL) 75-200 kV

Step voltage regulators can improve the utility's return on investment by increasing demand at off-peak periods and, with certain accessories, even reduce the peak demand load. This translates into improved revenue for the utility company while also improving the quality of service to the customer.

The step-type voltage regulator takes an incoming voltage that will vary with load conditions and maintains a constant

output voltage. As the loading increases along the distribution feeder, the voltage will drop. This reduction in voltage

reduces the amount of power used by the lighting portion of the load. By increasing the voltage to this load, additional power is consumed. This increased power translates into increased revenue for the utility company. The same principle can

work for the utility company when it needs to reduce the voltage by a predetermined amount, thus reducing the overall power demand and delaying capital investments to meet peak demand.

Siemens provides a full range of ratings for most system voltages and current applications; manufacturing everything

from the smallest single-phase pole mount unit to large substation regulators.

When it comes to voltage regulation, Siemens provides technology that serves the customer. Our manufacturing

experience for voltage regulators and controls is unsurpassed in the industry. Today, Siemens has the largest quantity of regulators installed worldwide.

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