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D-Cubed components are integrated by software developers to add functionality to CAD/CAM/CAE and AEC software. These applications are used to design, analyze, visualize, and manufacture products from consumer goods to aircraft engines and commercial buildings.

Solutions that D-Cubed components provide include parametric sketching (2D DCM), assembly constraints (3D DCM), offset profiles (PGM), motion simulation (AEM), collision detection (CDM), and hidden line drawing (HLM). Examples of software vendors using D-Cubed components are Bentley (AEC), Vero (CAM), Altair (CAE), Onshape (CAD), and Solid Edge (CAD). Software vendors choose D-Cubed components because it saves them development time and provides a cost-benefit compared to coding their own solutions.

D-Cubed 2D DCM

2D geometric constraint solver for integration into software applications for enhanced sketching productivity using dimensions and geometric constraints.

D-Cubed 3D DCM

3D geometric constraint solver for integration into software applications for 3D assembly constraints, kinematic simulation, 3D sketching, and direct part modeling.

D-Cubed AEM

A software component that enables high-accuracy 3D motion simulation to verify the function of virtual assemblies and mechanisms, and reduce costly design errors.

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