process gas analyzer / sulfur / simultaneous / extractive



  • Measured entity:

    process gas, sulfur

  • Other characteristics:

    monitoring, simultaneous, extractive


Extractive UV gas analyzer

The multi-functional SIPROCESS UV600

The SIPROCESS UV600 is a specialist in extremely selective NO measurements with small measuring ranges. As an all-round device, it is also suitable for other UV-active gases such as NO2, SO2, and H2S. Thanks to its spectral range, no cross-sensitivities to CO2 and H2O are to be expected. Innovative signal processing and highly stable detectors ensure outstanding long-term stability and compensate for drift and influencing effects. With state-of-the-art electronics and software, the SIPROCESS UV600 has the necessary interfaces for remote monitoring from a network and for connecting to process control systems.

Benefits at a glance:
Simultaneous measurement of NO and NO2 with subsequent compilation.
NO2 converters or CLD analyzers are therefore not required. This means:
- Lower maintenance effort (no converter function check)
- Reduced operating costs because no additional equipment is required, such as an ozone generator and the like
Measurement in the UV range
- Measurement not effected by H2O and CO2
- Very low SO2 and NO measuring ranges possible
UV Resonance Absorption Spectrometry (UVRAS)
- Measurement of very low NO concentrations: Measuring range 10 ppm
- Very low cross-sensitivity to other gases
Very long service life of the UV light source
Low drift and high stability through four-channel measuring method with double quotient calculation