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hydraulic bending machine / steel tube / for aluminum profiles / for flat profiles
T40 Chamaleon



  • Operation:


  • Product handled:

    steel tube, for aluminum profiles, for flat profiles, busbar

  • Other characteristics:

    with digital assistance, horizontal


The T40 Chameleon, which is a hydraulic bending press, is built with a lateral axis for curvature and bending processes. It features a solid work table which is made of a spheroid cast-iron and is shaped to withstand loads. The cylinder is located under the work table to maximize the use of the machine and tools. The model is also made with a hardened and ground carriage that is constructed out of forged steel.

A continuous stroke adjustment feature enables the user to achieve the desired bending angle. This function also enables the production of prototypes and larger series. A hydraulic single block power unit is also installed in the machine for adjusting the pressure. The approach feed speed can also be configured through a flow control valve.