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ionizing air blower / single-stage / for static charge elimination



  • Type:

    ionizing air

  • Number of stages:


  • Applications:

    for static charge elimination

  • Flow rate:

    Max.: 3,000 m³/h (105,944 ft³/h)

    Min.: 750 m³/h (26,486 ft³/h)

  • Nominal power:

    230 W (0.31 hp)


The BlowION is an ionising air blower manufactured by Simco Ion. It features a high-strength extruded anodized aluminium housing, an anti-static bar smart positioning and neutralizing technique that provides extended range of ionization over a big area. The patented inherent cleaner brush controls the ionization production and an integrated power supply eliminates the need for external HV. It also features bolts that provide convenient configuration. The air blower has a working width ranging between 520mm to 1960mm and a weight ranging between 11kg to 25kg.