video corpo

cleaning nozzle / blow-off / compressed air / flat spray



  • Function:

    cleaning, blow-off

  • Media:

    compressed air

  • Stream:

    flat spray


The Flat ionizing air nozzle is used to clean and neutralize electrostatically charged surfaces. The use of compressed air allows awkward places to be neutralized and cleaned as well.
Connected to a Simco power unit, the ionizing air nozzles produce an air flow which is rich in positive and negative ions. When this air flow is pointed to an electrostatically charged area, electrons are exchanged until the area is neutralized. This makes that the material is neutralized during the blow-off process and prevents the blown-off particles from being re-attracted. The current of the Flat Nozzle is limited, so that the emitter point is safe to touch.
The Flat Nozzle is especially suitable for neutralising at the feeding and delivery sections of machines in the printing industry.