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engineering software / planning / estimate / network



  • Function:

    engineering, planning, estimate

  • Applications:


  • Type:

    3D, 2D, cloud-enabled, online, SaaS


The wireless market has seen lately the roll-out of new networks for the Internet of Things, thanks to Cellular IoT technologies. Deploying new generation networks brings new challenges and requires new tools. S_IoT is the first dedicated radio planning tool for Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWA), available online as a turn-key cloud-enabled tool.

S_IoT offers a large set of innovative features to cope with the challenges of LPWA network roll-out. Indeed, S_IoT, available as SaaS with a flexible and scalable access, gives access to a large set of 2D and 3D geodata, worldwide. Moreover, thanks to Volcano, SIRADEL leading 3D-ray tracing propagation prediction tool, S_IoT can accurately estimate LPWA metrics, such as global coverage, data rates and geolocation accuracy.