pulse generator / high-voltage
max. 60 kV | Baker PP series



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The Baker PP30, Baker PP40 and BakerPP85 power packs are high-powered impulse generators used to test very large, high-voltage windings. Output is controlled by a variable transformer that ranges from 2,000 volts up to a maximum of 40,000 volts (Baker PP30 and Baker PP85 - 30,000 V; Baker PP40 - 40,000 V).

These units perform both surge and DC/hipot tests when used with the Baker D12R or Baker AWA-IV 12 kV (Baker 30) as the control and display. They incorporate a supply monitor for safe operation from a well grounded supply. In addition, 60kV rated test lead cables are provided.

A key element of the surge test circuit is a grounded grid hydrogen thyratron tube. The tube conducts very high peak current (thousands of amps). Such high instantaneous currents are needed to fully test very low impedance windings of large motors or form wound coils. This current is only produced for a few microseconds by the discharge of a 0.1 microfarad capacitor.

Voltage rise time is 100-200 nanoseconds, so the power packs comply with IEEE Standard 522-2004 and IEC Standard 34-15 when testing motor windings and coils.