oil pump / grease / electric / industrial
ECP Electric compact lubrication pump



  • Media:

    oil, grease

  • Operation:


  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, for lubrication


Electric Compact Pump for use with single-line systems ECP

The ECP is designed to lubricate bearings and linear guides with oil or fluid grease. The pump works reliably in single-line systems of up to 20 lubrication points and a main line length of approximately 15 meters. It includes an integrated pressure-relief valve that enables its use in SKF single-line automatic lubrication systems. The ECP is available with pre-filled lubricant cartridges or with a choice of three sizes of plastic reservoirs for oil or fluid grease.

Independent from the utilized reservoir, the ECP operates at 24 V DC and can be controlled by an external programmable logic controller (PLC) for convenience. In addition, the pump is capable of manually activating a lubrication cycle. An easy-to-access venting screw enables simple installation and operational start-up.