visible spectrophotometer / UV / portable / compact
Smart_Color Auto



  • Spectrum:

    visible, UV

  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Technical applications:

    for color measurement, for industrial use


Smart_Color Auto
Fast Industrial Automatic Spectrophotometer for glass and plastic
“Smart_Color Auto allows automatic, objective, easy & fast Color difference and International Standard compliance tests”
Easy and Fast
Smart_Color Auto is the first and unique spectrophotometer specifically designed and optimized for any clear item, for automotive plastic lights Industry, semitransparent and colored plastic and glass.
Automatic and Productive
Smart_Color Auto in 1 second only, cheks the transmittance properties according to all International Standards and the Color diff erences compared to a master lens; signals a simple Pass / Fail semaphore output, without any need for interpretation by the operator.
The innovative design of the equipment allows fast and firm grip and accurate positioning without dismount nor cut the item to fit the device.
Industrial and Compact
Smart_Color Auto is a fast, compact, rugged, accurate and extremely easy to use equipment, designed for hard industrial environment and heavy duty cycle use and intended for any unskilled worker.

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