truck weighbridge / for vehicles / concrete / modular



  • Options:

    for trucks, for vehicles, concrete, modular

  • Length:

    Max.: 18 m (59'00")

    Min.: 9.6 m (31'05")


The SBP/CO weighbridge is an ideal solution for weighing motor vehicles and work trucks up to a maximum of 80 tons.
The design allows for easy of transport, handling and assembly, the isostatic type of structure with separate modules guarantees smooth operation over time, even if the foundations settle naturally.
The compactness of the profile allows the deck to be pit mounted and can be installed in a foundation of only 50 cm high, or a surface mounted version to be installed with the ramps being only 40 cm high.
The measuring system consists of a number of stainless steel compression load cells analogue version.
The electronic terminal that completes the weighing system with peripheral accessories, manages the display of the weight and any supplementary functions.
Types of materials, treatments used, design features and range of accessories and customisations: these characteristics allow the SBP/CO weighbridge to be one of the most versatile and high quality products available on the market.