pusher sorter / automatic / for packaging



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    for packaging


The items are pushed by means of "fingers" that are led up between the rollers. The "fingers" then return to their position under the top edge of the rollers.

SP-502 is available in right-hand and left-hand versions. If reversal of the transport direction is required, it is easy to move the bar and to change the rotation of the motor.

Roller conveyor: Driven roller conveyor with Ø 48 mm rollers.
Axle pitch: 62 mm.
Transport Speed: 20 m/min.
Capacity: 20-25 cases/min. Minimum case height 20 mm.
Case weight: Max. 30 kg.
Installation dimensions: (LxWxH) 635 mm x 738 mm x min. 580 mm.

For connection to conveyors, FM coupling fitting is used.