aluminum terminal box / for photovoltaic applications
max. 32 kW, max. 3 x 47 A | MaxConnect plus



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  • Applications:

    for photovoltaic applications


Main function of MaxConnect plus would be connect the different strings of PV generators. As individual string detection is possible, no threat of undetected defects. Components could get affected by the surges in current and voltage fluctuations. This device would serve as a protector, at least as far as 900V. MaxConnect plus is made of top quality components, ensuring longevity and reliability. There is complete protection on using this device because of (1) No more threat of extraordinary operating conditions because of the threat of integrated string fuse monitoring and overvoltage conductor and (2) A built-in high-performance isolating switch to switch off the machinery any time there is a threat to safety. Is possible to disconnect and meter the individual string for maintenance. You can replace the fuse too. MaxConnect plus is a ready to use product, you can just connect the strings to the SolarMax central inverter and mount.