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electrical CAD software / electrical schematics / 3D / real-time
SolidWorks Electrical Professional



  • Function:

    electrical CAD, electrical schematics

  • Type:

    3D, real-time


The SolidWorks Electrical Professional package integrates the 3D capabilities of SolidWorks Electrical 3D with the electrical schematic designing capabilities found in SolidWorks Electrical into one effecient package.

The package features a comprehensive library containing thousands of symbols and parts with both single-line and multi-line schematic tools that allow quick planning for embedded electrical systems.

Design teams will be able to work concurrently on multiple projects and keep each one current with the use of real-time bi-directional updates.
SolidWorks Electrical schematics can easily be integrated with the 3D model to ultimately place 3D versions of those electrical parts into models as a way of creating paths and connections with cables, wires, and harnesses.

All work users accomplish in 2D and 3D will be synchronized in real time, so they can create BOMs that are fully integrated and include both electrical and mechanical parts.