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test software / thermal analysis / finished element analysis / simulation
SolidWorks Simulation Professional



  • Function:

    test, thermal analysis, finished element analysis, simulation, for stress analysis


Product Engineers can competently assess structural merchandise recital under an extensive array of material situations by the influential practical testing setting of SolidWorks Simulation Professional. Completely entrenched with SolidWorks 3-Dimensional Computer Aided Design, this product allows engineers to decide product perfunctory resistance, toughness, normal frequencies, and experiment heat transport and clasping volatilities. Pressure vessel examination and multifaceted loading is as well supported. You can optimize goods for heaviness, shaking, or volatility derived from an array of corporeal and statistical constraints. By firm incorporation and a reliable consumer interface across SolidWorks resolutions, you can exploit the influential abilities of SolidWorks Simulation Professional before time in the plan process to make the most of product excellence and decrease expenses.