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rotary drum dryer / continuous / for vegetables



  • Technology:

    rotary drum

  • Batch/continuous:


  • Applications:

    for vegetables


The Sormac SC centrifuge is used to dry leafy vegetables. The drum has a completely smooth inner surface without a central axle or other parts which could damage the product. The patented drive with magnetic bearing support delivers steady and smooth operation in all circumstances. The shuttle belt evenly distributes the produce over the slowly rotating drum. After this, the drum accelerates to the set rotation speed. The drum is decelerated at the end of the drying cycle and the slanting position of the drum causes the produce to slide onto the outfeed belt.

The buffer belt is filled during the drying cycle so as to not interrupt the continuous product flow. The configuration of the Sormac centrifuge minimises the probability of the produce being damaged.

The dimensions of the drum are large enough to achieve a low produce layer thickness and an even and low pressure on the produce.

The SC-940/NextGen is characterized by an exceptionally open design with optimal accessibility for cleaning and maintenance. Energy savings of approximately 20% are achieved by the combination of more efficient motors and a frequency inverter with an energy recovery system.

"The SC-940NextGen is another step forward for centrifuging delicate leafy vegetables and cut vegetables. We have faith in Sormac's knowledge and skills. We can clearly see how Sormac is committed to continuous improvement".