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Hi Line series

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bread production line bread production line - Hi Line series


HI-LINE family: Flexibility, production capacity, return of investment. Lines for a medium/large production up to 9.600 pieces per hour ( 27 stroke /min) at 6 rows and weight range from 20 to 180 gr ( 0.70 – 6.35 oz) according to the Dinamica version. Products: Hamburger, Hot Dog, Petit Pain, Stamping Rolls.

The simplest way for the first automation is the panning system to panning the dinner roll or with a pressing board or moulding station we can get the Finger Rolls / Hot Dogs.

The Dinamica can be Mechanical or Electronic with a retracting belt pannig system.

This line is the little sister of the FLEX line 1 which is highly appreciated by our clients due to great bread result, high capacity, high automation, and very competitive price.

The HI-LINE 3 has a 3 roller moulder for a gently sheeting, curling chain, reverse pressing moulding belt and panning by a retracting belt.

Weight range from 25 to 180 gr (¾ oz to 6.35 oz) hourly capacity up to 9600 PCS according with the models of the Dinamica divider and rounder.

HI-LINE 5 is a COMPACT version of this line range which like all the other Hi-Lines has a production capacity at 27 strokes. HI-LINE 5 produce all the stamp bread, Kaiser, Rosetta, Portuguese and so on, Hot dogs, Hamburger buns, dinner rolls, petit pain. HI-LINE 5 has been particularly designed for the customer who needs automation but doesn’t have much space available in the Bakery.

HI-LINE 6 is the top version of the HI-LINE Range and it combines all the features of all the other lines of the range. The hourly capacity, the weight range, the type of products and the level of automation make this version a real interesting line