data connector / push-pull / plastic / high-temperature
JMX Series



  • Type:


  • Connection type:


  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    IEC, waterproof, lightweight, high-temperature, IP68

  • Product applications:

    instrumentation, for medical devices, autoclave, measurement

  • Field:

    for industrial applications, for medical applications, for harsh environments


Key features and benefits
• Easy : Comfortable Push-Pull latch design - Keying, color identification and Blind Mating features
• Safe & Waterproof : 2,000 cycles - IP68 in mated and unmated conditions
• Sterilization : Can whistand steam autoclave sterilization (up to 200 cycles)
• Aesthetic : Ergonomic, Lightweight and Sleek
• Compliant with : UL 1977 and IEC 61984 facilitating your equipment's compliance with IEC 60601-1

The waterproof and extreme high temperature resistance characteristics of the JMX series makes it ideal for Medical, Instrumentation and Measurement applications. However, the plastic Push-Pull connectors can also be used in a diversity of other Industrial applications requiring a lightweight, yet durable harsh environment interconnect solution.

The JMX plastic Push-Pull connector series guarantees a reliable and secure connection with only two fingers. Connectors are available in 6 keys and 9 color identifying codes to avoid situations of incorrect mating.

Capable of over 2,000 mating cycles, the JMX connector series is also able to withstand steam autoclave sterilization per IEC 60601-1 (up to 200 cycles). In addition, it will protect your equipment from fluid ingress due to its IP68 attributes in mated and unmated conditions

The JMX Plastic Push-Pull connector is aesthetically and visually appealing to complement and blend with medical equipment designs. The curves of the coupling ring provides exceptional tactile comfort and an easy to handle grip design so that fingers will fit instinctively.