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optical emission spectrometer / laboratory / CCD / ICP-OES



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    optical emission

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SPECTRO presents SPECTRO GENESIS ICP-OES. It is the first and exclusive of its kind with a full set of factory methods. The completely “plug & analyze” device eliminates the need of designing a method first. All regular environmental and industrial applications are covered by these factory methods. These include water, industrial waste water, soil, waste water, filter dust, sewage sludge, and wear metals & additives in oil.

SPECTRO GENESIS complies with all national and international standards. It is supplied as ready-to-use, straight out of the box. It comes with an application package comprising of a sample introduction system, guidelines for sample preparation, and documentation of methods.

The application range of SPECTRO GENESIS is further increased with a comprehensive set of accessories. It is a truly cost-effective substitute to sequential ICP and atomic absorption spectrometers. With this device, even those who are unaccustomed with ICP can gain from the benefits of the high-performance CCD ICP technology. Also they get to use an economical, easy-to-use and powerful analytical system.