acceleration data-logger / shock / vibration / force
ShockLog Satellite



  • Measured quantity:

    acceleration, shock, vibration, force, tilt, motion

  • Connector type:

    wireless, online

  • Display:

    without display

  • Applications:

    for monitoring, for logistics, battery, GPS

  • Other characteristics:

    multi-channel, programmable, battery-powered, rugged, multifunction, self-contained, stand-alone, IP67, with automatic report generation, modular, triaxial, weather-resistant, continuous


The ShockLog Satellite Impact Recording and Tracking System, formerly ShockTrak™, combines the ShockLog® 298 Impact Recorder and a satellite communication module to deliver outstanding impact recording, real-time reporting and asset location. Real-time reporting of impact alerts informs the right people when unacceptable conditions have occurred during a journey, visualized on the SpotSee Cloud.The system is preprogrammed with parameters optimized for your asset. Want to customize the impact recorder settings in house? The ShockLog 298 has a user-programmable impact scale and frequency filters, offering the most versatile option for users. Monitor and report impact events, vibration and internal temperature as well as peak value (time slot) and summary period journey profile data. Know when and where unacceptable conditions have been encountered and get location updates every four hours.

With the ShockLog Satellite Impact Recording and Tracking System, you can monitor your shipment in real time on the SpotSee cloud as well as receive email and text alerts of unacceptable conditions that your product has encountered which may affect its performance or safety. Armed with this information, you can take immediate action before the shipment is received or plan remediation before final installation of the asset in the field.