DOD inkjet marking machine / for integration / large character / for paper
SQ/2 series



  • Technique:

    DOD inkjet

  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    large character, for paper


The SQ/2 large character ink jet system prints high quality dot-matrix characters on a variety of products at a cost-effective price. The SQ/2 offers the lowest price per printed character in the industry today. Users can choose between two models: a water-based model for printing on porous surfaces like corrugated cartons, or as a solvent-based system for printing on non-porous product like plastics, stretch wraps, metals and more.


Run one or two print heads from the same controller

Easy-to-use software walks you through a series of prompts to program and save messages for printing

Simple to operate, virtually maintenance-free, and field upgradeable with modular components and options

Two models: water-based for porous surfaces or solvent-based for non-porous surfaces

Industrial strength hand-held input device for easy message input

Ability to run two print heads, allows printing on one or two sides of the product