paper waste compactor / scrap / stationary / for transfer stations
4500 series



  • Type of waste:

    paper, scrap

  • Mobility:


  • Type:

    for transfer stations

  • Output:

    100 t/h, 120 t/h (61 lb/s)

  • Compaction power:

    1,961,330 N, 2,549,729 N


SSI's 4500 Series of pre-load compactors are the optimum solution for high volume transfer station facilities requiring more than 300 tons per day of throughput

SSI's Pre-Load 4500 Series stationary compactors feature three single stage cylinders designed to form one high density square ended bale for transfering municipal solid waste, recyclables, or other commodities into highway and intermodal trailers or containers. This increases throughput for the same horsepower of other compaction systems.