electrical power supply connector / coaxial / BNC / rectangular
CT-.../COAX series



  • Type:

    electrical power supply

  • Format:

    coaxial, BNC

  • Shape:


  • Connection type:


  • Material:


  • Voltage:

    1,000 V


The Coaxial connectors for the CT-E8-2 contact carriers consist of the active parts of BNC connectors. The RG58 1 and RG59 1 eliminate the inner conductor and shield for coaxial lead and they are affected through crimping. Moreover, the brass compressing sleeve is addressed to protect elimination. For the coaxial conductors the CT- or COAX58 and CT- or COAX59 are the only coaxial conductors that are fit to lead RG58 abd RG59. Lastly, The product complies to CECC 22 120.