wide-belt sander / electric / low-vibration / with suction system
SATOS Series



  • Operation:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    low-vibration, with suction system

  • Power:

    160 kW, 200 kW, 250 kW (217.5 hp)


The constantly increasing demands in terms of capacity and quality in the panel industry are also pushing the demands on sanding machines ever higher.

Steinemann has taken up this challenge and developed a machine which sets new standards in the high end sector. Inspired by nature, SATOS (SAnder for TOp Surfaces) is the first wide belt sander with a mineral cast frame. Thanks to the innovative technology, the panel industry benefits from new possibilities and perspectives:

- maximum availability, safety and maintenance-friendly
- high consistency in thickness tolerance and optimum surface quality
- trend-setting technology and optimal cost efficiency

The mineral cast technology is patented and marketed exclusively on a worldwide basis by Steinemann.