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electric stacker truck / stand-on / for pallets / for trucks
SXD 20 series



  • Energy:


  • Operator:


  • Applications:

    transport, for pallets, loading, unloading, storage, handling, transfer, for trucks

  • Carrying capacity:

    2,000 kg (4,409.2 lb)

  • Lifting height:

    2,124 mm (83.62 in)


The SXD is a truck for the most demanding applications. The SXD quickly and safely handles double-deck storage, loading and unloading lorries or even horizontal transport. It saves time by transporting two standard pallets at once to your chosen location. Loads are incredibly easy to move even on ramps, due to the optional counterbalance for the chassis. The SXD’s strength lies in its flexibility. As a double deck truck, the SXD can transport 800 kg on the mast and, at the same time, 1,200 kg on the initial lift. If the initial lift is not used, the SXD can also function as a high lift pallet truck for up to 1,200 kg. As a high lift pallet truck, the SXD transports even 2,000 kg on a pallet.

This saves time and increases the handling performance. In addition, more, the SXD is also ideally suited as a work or lifting table, and for shelf-filling. Its individuality is also reflected in the details: The steering wheel on the driver’s stand can be mounted on the right- or left-hand side to take individual operator preferences into account. This customisation increases safety in the warehouse, as the truck can be operated as preferred. The compact dimensions, enable it to be used in the smallest of spaces, and the cushioned driver’s operating platform complete the whole package and make the SXD the perfect warehouse assistant.