water-jet cutting machine / foodstuffs / for composite materials / for ceramics
MicroCut series



  • Material:

    foodstuffs, for composite materials, for ceramics, for metal, for plastics, for glass, for stone, textile

  • Technology:


  • Control type:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, high-precision, fully-enclosed

  • Cutting speed:

    10,000 mm/min (6.562 in/s)


This next-generation micro waterjet cutting system combines the high repeatability and accuracy of direct drives with minimal external dimensions. Unlike conventional cutting systems, our MicroCut solution lets you produce extremely delicate, highfunctional components – across materials, comfortably and with record cutting accuracy. The built-in SmartCut software ensures significant material, personnel and time savings. This makes the MicroCut the ultimate all-round solution for progressive
miniaturization, for example in the fields of medical technology, micro-electronics and sealing technology. Come and see for yourself at any time in our test centre!


- Direct measuring system for high accuracy
- Low-vibration granite frame
- Highly dynamic linear motor drives
- Variable high-precision clamping frame
- Fully encapsulated system
- Compact dimensions
- Ergonomic control panel
- Integrated controller
- First-class cutting head technology
- Practical tuning options