helical servo-gearbox / right angle / > 10 kNm / 1 - 2 kNm
PHQK series

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helical servo-gearbox / right angle / > 10 kNm / 1 - 2 kNm helical servo-gearbox / right angle / > 10 kNm / 1 - 2 kNm - PHQK series


  • Type:


  • Shaft orientation:

    right angle

  • Torque:

    > 10 kNm, 1 - 2 kNm, 2 - 5 kNm, 500 - 1000 Nm, 5 - 10 kNm

  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 2,600 rpm (16,336.28 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 6,000 rpm (37,699.11 rad.min-1)


Quattro power due to four-planet system. Highly rigid drive unit made up of an input multistage right-angle gear unit and a robust planetary output stage. Flange output shaft. Short motor adapter length. Easy and secure motor mounting. Can be attached to almost any make of servo motor.
Shaft designs
- Flange shaft
Output available on side 3 or 4.
Output Side
Bearing Design
Pretensioned angular contact bearings at the output in an O-arrangement, ideally suited for helical geared rack and pinion drive.
Mounting Positions
- Any mounting position.
- You can find the explanation of the mounting positions and the respective quantities of lubricant in the document Quantity of lubricant for gear units ID 441871
Lubricants and Maintenance
- Synthetic lubricant CLP HC ISO VG 150
- Lubricated for life
- Maintenance-free
Paint Finish
Black RAL 9005
Motor Adapter ME
- Universal motor mounting system for almost all synchronous servo motors.
- Option large (MEL) for large motors.
- Fast and secure motor mounting.
- Integrated EasyAdapt® clamp coupling for motor shafts without key.
- Robust, balanced coupling.
- Thermal length compensation.
- Low mass inertia.
Option ServoStop
- Integrated in the motor adapter, electrically released spring-loaded brake.
- When the power is removed, in the event of a power failure or an emergency stop ServoStop will brake both drive and machine shaft safely and reliably.
- Zero-backlash plug-in coupling.
ServoStop Motor Adapter with Brake
Recommendation Motor
EZ synchronous servo motors
For further information see Synchronous Servo Motors