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fixed-wing drone / observation / monitoring / for agricultural applications



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  • Applications:

    observation, monitoring, for agricultural applications

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The Tigerwing (Skyhunter 1800mm Wingspan EPO Long Range Adapted) is an affordable and professional grade Drone. It has been designed to be fully autonomous, reliable and simple to operate. Ideal for your daily data collections this drone is compatible with Sony RX100 and Micasense Rededge cameras. Its airframe made of foam is rugged, durable, easy to repair and adapted to harsh environments.

A Ready-to-Use package for Precision Agriculture :
- 1 Tigerwing Ready-To-Fly
- 1 Belvedere ground control software
- 1 Telemetry module for up to 3km range
- 1 RedEdge Micasense camera, Ready-To-Use for multispectral mapping
- 1 Remote Control for manual control