ultrasonic leak detector / compressed air / portable / with integrated camera



  • Detected fluid:

    compressed air

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    portable, vacuum, with headphone, with integrated camera, with digital display, with graphic display, with bar graph display

  • Applications:

    for small leaks, for watertightness tests, for storage tanks, for hatch covers, for vehicle passenger compartments


1st ultrasonic compressed air, gaz and vacuum leak detector with camera. Specialy dedicated to visualize the spots where compressed air is leaking, the LEAKSHOOTER LKS 1000 – V.2 has many other applications such as : steam trap monitoring, bearing monitoring, electrical applications like partial discharge, corona effects, punctured isolators, electrical tracking detection.

Compressed air is a costly form of energy and 20 to 40 % of it is lost through leaks. Systematically checking for and eliminating leaks can therefore bring considerable energy savings. With LEAKSHOOTER it is extremely simple and easy to locate rapidly leaks because they are immediately visible on the screen whille you’re hearing at them.

The LEAKSHOOTER LKS 1000-V.2 is a sophisticated tool. Extremely sensitive, it is capable of finding all leaks even the smallest, including those no bigger than the size of a syringe needle, at a distance of 15 metres.

The LEAKSHOOTER LKS 1000- V.2 is used like a camera. When it comes near a leak, a dynamic yellow target appears on the large colour screen. The target turns red and shrinks as it approaches the source of the leak. A bar graph at the bottom of the screen accompanies and facilitates the search. When the device is facing the leak, a cross appears in the center of the target. It is then possible to photograph and save the precise location of the leak.