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multipurpose reactor / laboratory / process / stirred tank
Atlas HD

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multipurpose reactor / laboratory / process / stirred tank multipurpose reactor / laboratory / process / stirred tank - Atlas HD


  • Applications:

    multipurpose, laboratory, process

  • Other characteristics:

    stirred tank, benchtop, glass, automated, cooling, warming, custom, with accurate temperature control


Atlas HD Automated Jacketed Reactor
Atlas HD is an automated, modular jacketed reactor platform for R&D chemists and chemical engineers. Atlas HD enables supreme flexibility with seamless interchangeability of jacketed reactors from 50 mL to 5 L.

At a glance
Atlas HD is used extensively in process development groups around the world and provides chemists with safe and automated control of their process.

Atlas HD can be tailored to your chemistry needs with a wide temperature range of -90 to +250 °C, stirring options, and pressures from vacuum to 200 bar. A range of sensors including turbidity, temperature, pressure, and pH can be configured in addition to automated dosing options using the Atlas Syringe Pump.

Atlas HD’s touchscreen software automation and built-in safety protocols help you create consistent chemistry, even when you’re away from the lab.

1. Reproducible chemistry
Atlas HD ensures you create reproducible chemistry every time by providing total control over your reaction parameters – including stirring speed, dosing, and temperature. Atlas HD controls your chemistry and dosing even when you’re away from the lab.

2. Automation at your fingertips
Intuitive touchscreen control delivers unmatched capability to define, run, and monitor reactions. Automation can be configured directly on the Atlas HD Base, while more complex experiments can draw on the power of the Atlas PC Software.