TFT LCD panel PC / touch screen / 800 x 480 / AMD Geode LX800



  • Screen type:

    TFT LCD, touch screen

  • Resolution:

    800 x 480

  • Processor:

    AMD Geode LX800

  • Other characteristics:

    fanless, HMI, embedded, IP65

  • Applications:



The touch panel PCs in the Infrared Touch Panel Series are available in screen sizes between 10.4 and 19 inches. In contrast to projective-capacitive HMI systems, the touch panel PCs can also be operated with thick work gloves thanks to the infrared touch technology. With their shock-resistant and scratch-resistant IP65 front glass, the touch panel PCs are suitable for industrial applications in inhospitable surroundings. The fanless HMI devices are equipped with a Syslogic embedded computer with AMD LX800 processor.