liquid analyzer / solids / thermal conductivity / benchtop
DTC 300



  • Measured entity:

    liquid, solids

  • Measured value:

    thermal conductivity

  • Configuration:



DTC 300 is a guarded heat flow meter measuring the thermal conductivity over a wide range of temperatures accordingly to the ASTM E1530 Standard.

It employs one calorimeter module, located in the bottom stack, for the measurement of thermal conductivity, and a side guard furnace to prevent edge heat loss. The contact resistance is minimized by applying a pneumatic load to the test stack, and by using a thermally conductive interface compound.

Very versatile the DTC 300 covers an extremely wide conductivity range using three different stack modules easily interchangeable by the user. Tests can be run from -20°C up to 300°C. Typical sample size is 50mm (2”). Due to its flexibility and expanded analytical range the DTC 300 is ideally suited for research laboratories