truck-mounted crane / boom / telescopic / all-terrain

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truck-mounted crane truck-mounted crane - ATF-140-5.1


  • Configuration:


  • Structure:

    boom, telescopic

  • Operating environment:


  • Other characteristics:

    with counterweight, lifting, for heavy-duty applications, transport

  • Lift capacity:

    140 t (154 us ton)

  • Working height:

    Max.: 60 m (196'10")

    Min.: 12.8 m (41'11")


A new kind of efficiency: the ATF-140-5.1

The ATF-140-5.1 redefines efficiency. Its excellent lifting capacities mean it can be put to use in all kinds of scenarios. It also boasts top capacity utilisation and cost-effectiveness. The ATF-140-5.1 offers impressive flexibility and transport optimisation thanks to its transport-optimised counterweight options. During its overhaul in readiness for EU Stage V, the ATF-140-5.1 was fitted with a new power train with exhaust aftertreatment system as well as a new gearing mechanism.

The ATF-140-5.1’s lifting capacities are outstanding across all radii. At a radius of just 3 m, the ATF-140-5.1’s 60 m main boom can lift 99.8 t across 360°, which is up to 17 t more than its competitors. At its maximum radius of 56 m, it is the only crane of its kind to lift more than 2 t. And with a boom extension, the ATF-140-5.1 covers a work space which is unique in its class, with a hook height of 93.5 m and a work radius of 72 m.

The ATF-140-5.1 also makes an impression with the highly flexible and transport-optimised division of its counterweights – with a 12 t axle load, it has enough reserves for 8.3 t of counterweight, and alternatively for 6 t when the 18 m boom extension is attached. Even with 31.8 t of counterweight, the crane’s width remains unchanged at 2.75 m, making it predestined for use in scenarios where space is limited.