truck-mounted crane / boom / for construction / all-terrain
ATF 100G-4



  • Configuration:


  • Structure:


  • Operating environment:

    for construction, all-terrain

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, diesel-powered, with counterweight, lifting

  • Lift capacity:

    100 t (110 us ton)

  • Working height:

    Max.: 51.2 m (167'11")

    Min.: 11.1 m (36'05")


This Powerful and sturdy crane is a wonderful amalgamation of compact designing and efficient working with maximum ease and maneuvering. Those who want to bring immense ease and convenience in the picking, loading, unloading and transporting of industrial goods, this is the perfect choice for them.

It has been given a strategic balanced weight despite its capacity to hold on to bulkiest of goods. Its counterweight of 22.3 t lies within the vehicular width of 2.75 m so that this crane can be effortlessly moved in and out of even constrained spaces at the construction sites.

The cabin of this crane is very compact and designed to provide maximum comfort to the operator. With slewing radius of mere 3.91 m, its maneuvering is very easy and convenient. One reason for its excellent mobility is that very low space is required, transportation of the 22.3 t counterweight on a ballast trailer as they can be piled over one another.