truck-mounted crane / boom / telescopic / all-terrain
ATF 110G-5



  • Configuration:


  • Structure:

    boom, telescopic

  • Operating environment:


  • Other characteristics:

    diesel-powered, lifting

  • Lift capacity:

    110 t (121 us ton)

  • Working height:

    Min.: 13 m (42'07")

    Max.: 52 m (170'07")


The incredible ATF 110G-5 is a highly exceptional mobile crane that is suitable for the lifting of low to average load range in addition to high load range of the 100 t class. This mobile crane is available as an 11 t counterweight without boom extension, with the full counterweight of 35 t as well as with a 8.7 t counterweight and a 16.2 m boom extension all of which result in a remarkably superior crane. It can also be used in applications that exceed the 110 t class and its crane is recommended for operations that require larger cranes.