truck-mounted crane / boom / telescopic / all-terrain
ATF 180G-5



  • Configuration:


  • Structure:

    boom, telescopic

  • Operating environment:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Lift capacity:

    180 t (198 us ton)

  • Working height:

    Max.: 60 m (196'10")

    Min.: 13.2 m (43'03")


The ATF 180G-5 has a wide range of operational value with 120 to 200 tonne class and has outstanding load capabilities whether it is at 0 t counterweight, a lorry loading counterweight or a full counterweight. It is also a fantastic addition having the flexibility and efficient features that it is capable of. The carries a 13.2 m long boom extension such that it achieves a system length of 73.2 m. It also possesses an incredible 12 t axle loads. Designed to be sturdy and durable without compromising load capacities and proving its stand on any application in any industry.