truck-mounted crane / boom / telescopic / construction
ATF 220G-5



  • Configuration:


  • Structure:

    boom, telescopic

  • Operating environment:

    construction, all-terrain

  • Other characteristics:

    hydraulic, diesel-powered, lifting

  • Lift capacity:

    220 t (243 us ton)

  • Working height:

    Max.: 68 m (223'01")

    Min.: 13.2 m (43'03")


High-load capacity combined with an axle load of 12t and 68m main boom is offered in the ATF 220G-5. This 50-axle crane ensures applications and utilization up to the six-axle class, which generatures impressive income possibilities.

The bending is at the main boom head, which allows for the crane to be placed close to buildings and take care of loads far beyond the edges of the building, thanks to the 20-degree or 40-degree bending capabilities of the boom extensions.

It is here that competitors are required to rig complex jibs. Close installation to the buildings also enables a short working radius. The result is a full range of load charts that can be utilized and less site space blocking by the crane.