humidity data-logger / temperature / UV / brightness
max. 130 Klx, max. 30 mW/cm² | TR-74Ui TandD Corporation



  • Measured quantity:

    humidity, temperature, UV, brightness

  • Connector type:


  • Display:

    with LCD display

  • Other characteristics:



The TR-74Ui-H by TandD Corporation is a data logger which measures, illuminance, UV, humidity and temperature. This tool has a capacity to do simultaneous measurement and can record four items. For this specific model, it comes with a continuous displaying of cumulative illuminance and cumulative amount of Ultraviolet Light that is shown on its LCD. Great measuring of illuminance ability because it can use from dim moonlight to summer sun. This is the ideal tool for wide range of application because it is packaged with data logger, sensors and software. Plus, it comes with two variety of packages which suit to specific type of operation. Recording of data is just simple through connecting it via PC in a USB connection.