hydraulic bending machine / profile / 3 drive rollers / with double independant adjustment



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    3 drive rollers, with double independant adjustment, CNC


ALPHA 80 bending equipment from Tauring consists of 3 driving rolls and independent twin setting with a permanent assembly on the top roll. The structure of this equipment permits twisting or extra-large segmented bars as well as the small one with less twisting radii. This equipment is ideal for usage in large or moderate steel framework.

The application of isolated aids toward the shaft terminal is the main highlight of this product. These aids enable the hoists to function in a restricted way which avoids friction and releases the deflection pressures on the sides of the equipment structure.

Moreover, the advanced abilities of the twisting equipments help in accomplishing machining performances that are typically designed for higher degree cutting. The basic equipment features a series of 3 multi-tasking rollers that are situated on the hoists for permitting twisting tasks on a wide range of segment bars .