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Analyzing gas and liquefied gas is often seen as difficult and problematic. The chosen sampling technique and ability to handle different kinds of gas at different pressure levels and physical state is challenging to say the least.
TE Instruments has developed two unique sampling systems:

• The GLS (Gas & Liquefied gas Sampling module) for sampling gas and LPG from pressurized gas cylinders.
• The GBS (Gas Bag Sampling module) for sampling gas from gas bags (e.g. TedlarTM bags) or balloons.
The GLS and GBS both form a perfect match together with the XPLORER combustion analyzer for the measurement of Total Nitrogen, Total Sulfur and Total Chlorine. Both instruments can be combined as stand-alone sampling system with any other combustion analyzer.
GLS; Pressurized gas & LPG samples.

Two integrated loops; one with a volume of 10 mL for gas and one with 100 µL for liquefied gas are the standard built-in sampling loops for the GLS. Simply position the pressurized sample cylinder at the appropriate introduction port and start the XPLORER combustion analyzer.
The chosen analysis method is being executed and the pre-set number of sample loops is run and analyzed. Parameters like evaporation speed, temperature, flow and pressure are automatically controlled and monitored at all times.
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