rotational speed sensor / magnetic

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rotational speed sensor / magnetic rotational speed sensor / magnetic - SA, ST


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The Tec Tor has a range of optional sensors for brakes. These sensors allow the user facility, greater security and facilities to maintain the life of your equipment. Count sensors: temperature, open / closed.
Sensor Brake Open: (SA)
This is inductive sensors that allow full control of the brake, indicating whether it is open or closed position. This system allows the interconnection of the braking system to the PLC offering numerous advantages, such as preventing the drive from being turned on when the brake is closed, or else allow the drive is switched on only when the brake is open.
Temperature Sensor: (ST)
This option allows you to monitor the temperature of the disk or pulley for the stock braking equipment. Are installed near Discs / Pulleys and are indispensable in unfavorable conditions for thermal dissipation of these components, ie, braking systems that operate at high temperatures combined with high cycle repeats or long braking generated by the inertia of the machine spins.