cleaning equipement with water jet / for air conditioning systems / for ducts / compact

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cleaning equipement with water jet cleaning equipement with water jet - coilbox


  • Technology:

    with water jet

  • Field:

    for air conditioning systems, for ducts

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, with rinsing


Effective cleaning of the delicate serpentines of air-conditioning systems.

Why Coilbox?
Because there is nothing else like it on the market for the effective cleaning of the delicate serpentines of air-conditioning systems, both for external “condenser” units, and interior “evaporators” (splits, fancoils). This innovative system consists of two complementary modules, the main “coilbox” module, which contains all the technology for the injection of active foam and water for rinsing, taken from the mains water. The other “waterbox” module is a tank holding 30 litres of water, for use when there is no connection to the mains. Both modules together make for a completely autonomous piece of equipment,both with regard to water and electricity, thanks to its rechargeable battery.

How it helps you?
From the first cleaning. Show your clients the ENERGY SAVINGS that clean serpentines in perfect working order can deliver. Power? Just as much as you need. It is a common mistake to think that more power is better. Its 7 bars of pressure provide just the right amount to clean the panels of the serpentine without bending them. Its autonomy allows you to reach further and work more effectively every day. There are extendible and flexible probes to reach into the most difficult areas without having to take the whole air-conditioning unit apart. It includes nozzles for injecting product and for rinsing at different degrees of pulverisation. A compact, light system with a totally functional design and specific sockets for the many accessories.